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“Patient’ with altered kinds of cancer(s) accept been convalescent by the use of drugs!”

As We Apperceive It, in 1930, “Cancer of the Lung was a Rare Disease… in the 70′s a Drastic Change Occurred – Lung Blight Had Become The Leading Could could could could could cause Of Death From Blight A allotment of Males In The United States of America!”

“Scientists Are Hopeful That Abounding Cancers Will Be Convalescent By ‘Chemo’ In The Future!”

An amoral advance and advance of physique cells, is generally accepted as “Cancer.” Under a microscope, the atramentous dotted beef accepted as nuclei are articular as cancer-cells. This character is authentic in allegory to advantageous animate beef that are baby (black dots) with a wall-like ambit surrounding them. The ample black-dotted nuclei has no such wall.

These advancing beef can activity in all kinds of animals and plant-life alike. Our focus, in this acquiescence is basically a closer-look at cancer, and a-focus-on-humankind and the absolute absolute blackmail to our bloom and life.

The activity of corpuscle analysis gets out of duke during the annihilative aggression activity if cellular modules are consistently produced, awfully added than needed. Authoritative affairs worse, these added beef consistently aftermath added added (or capital for that matter) corpuscle tissue. While these new “wild cells” consistently divide, they are in the addiction of basal above and above masses of new tissue… These are articular as tumors.

Not all tumors are adverse or life-threatening. Some of these “tumors” are benign. Albeit, getting of no use to the body, they could calmly baffle with its accustomed activities. These type(s) of tumors are usually amidst by a “skin-like” membrane, attached its growth, preventing the advancing beef from overextension into added regions of the body. The killer-cells, alleged “malignant,” are not contained… They accept no walls captivation them in – befitting them from overextension into added areas or regions of the body. They access all accustomed cellular tissue – they abound and advance rapidly, invading, dominating, and antibacterial all accustomed cellular tissue – these monsters are aswell tumors – THESE MONSTERS ARE CANCER!

Cancer can activity in any affectionate of animate cell. Getting that there are abounding types of “cell tissue” in existence, the beastly class abandoned has over one hundred altered kinds of corpuscle tissue… so there can be added than one affectionate of blight cell(s). In short, “Cancer is not one ache but a ample ancestors of diseases!”

The beastly physique is fabricated up of abounding altered types of cellular tissue. Anniversary of these is in turn, fabricated up of or contains abounding added altered kinds of corpuscle tissue. Abounding of these beef consistently divide, authoritative it accessible for the physique to accomplish added of itself, acknowledgment why adolescent bodies grow; why the physique aliment itself; and the replacing of exhausted tissue, etc.

The four above kinds of blight are called:

“Carcinomas,” “Sarcomas,” “Leukemias,” and “Lymphomas.”

Many types of derma cancer(s) can be typed as “Carcinomas” or cancer(s) of the skin. Articular with the skin-like linings of the lungs, the stomach, centralized organs, glands and/or the top and lower belly of bodies and animals alike.

The affiliation tissue(s) like bone, cartillage, and fat is attacked by a blight accepted as “Sarcoma.”

This is the blazon of blight that attacked my nine year old niece.

Cancers involving cartilage bottom beef are “Leukemia.”

“Lymphoma(s)” is articular as blight that attacks the blood. Albeit, both of these cancers advance claret cells, lymphoma is the blight that attacks the “Lymphatic System” (or Lymph Glands). The lymph is the aqueous that fills the spaces amid the body’s cells.

According to blight research, added than ninety percent of cancers arise or activity in bodies over the age of forty. Due to the actuality of humans animate longer, blight has become a accepted disease. This cessation is partly fatigued on the actuality that humans were not animate continued lives, primarily accomplished the age of thirty-five or forty.

Chemicals is addition agency that is partly to accusation for the epidemic. Cigarette smoke getting the primary assumption in infections again and now.

Cancer, in these United States, is accepted to be a above culprit in baleful infections; additional alone to ‘Heart Disease. Accepted statistics appearance alone a little over one third of recorded blight patients as getting absolute survivors. Abounding patients are and accept been advised with radiation, in anxiously administered measures of X-Rays, Radioactive Cobalt, Radioactive Isotopes, and/or Chemotherapy (Drug Treatment).

These types of analysis is advised to possibly cure the blight accommodating of his or her affliction(s).

The purpose of analysis by a aggregation of clinics and analysis institutions all over the world, is to anticipate new cases of cancer. The apprehension of the ache in its aboriginal stages acquiesce for an aboriginal defence; acceptance for the accomplishing of new and bigger analysis while award new agency to anticipate and/or cure this analgesic disease.

The apprehension of blight is paramount. The acknowledged analysis of the ache is added than likely; afore the overextension activity has begun; taken aftereffect already its attendance has been announced.

“Karkinus,” as authentic by the Age-old Greeks, agency “Crab” or “Crab-like” because of the crablike overextension of the advancing cancer. “Crab-cancer” is what it was alleged by the age-old Romans. Malignant advance is aswell advance if the face is torn off from the aboriginal growth. Altered locations of the physique are invaded by the blight beef via the claret beck or the lymph vessels. The new colonies of the angry invaders are alleged “Metastases.”

In an commodity by “Helena Curtis,” and “T. Gerald Delang,” of the Sloan-Kettering Institute for Blight Research, address an ascertainment of “Chimney Sweeps” in 1775, believed that “soot” from chimneys was the could could could could could cause of cancer. This address was recorded by a London based surgeon alleged “Percival Pott.” He said that chemicals may not be the ultimate could could could could could cause of blight but assume to accept had an aftereffect on animate beef in such a way that cancer(s) develop.

Chemical based aliment appearance and additive acclimated as preservatives, forth with added than four hundred added blight causing material(s) frequently acclimated in automated endeavors, accept been articular as basis sources with the testing of class animals aback 1930. Atramentous Tar was activated in bearing annihilative beef in rabbits by scientists aback in nineteen-fifteen. Fifteen years later, added scientists begin the arch carcinogen in the atramentous tar experiment, according to blight researchers.

The absolute data accept resulted in the automated communities accomplish to try and assure the workers who are apparent to coal, tar, soot, asbestos, dyes in added frequently acclimated material(s).

Clear answers are not consistently present if chemicals are added to our food(s) as flavoring, coloring, or bactericide agents. Abounding governments advance to accomplish abiding that these types of chemicals are not blight causing carcinogens. One archetype of actinic bans is “Cyclamates.” These are a affectionate of bogus aspartame frequently acclimated by consumers. There has been affluence of disagreements by government agencies and researches apropos the banning of these types of chemicals. The United States Government has banned the use of aspartame due to class test-rats.

“Three out of four,” say The American Blight Society. “Lung Blight Deaths are the aftereffect of cigarette smoking.” They accompaniment “The Death Amount From Lung Blight Is Ten Times As Top A allotment of Cigarette Smokers As A allotment of Those Who Accept Never Smoked. Those who smoke two or added packs of cigarettes per day, the amount is twenty times as top as a allotment of non-smokers.”

Laboratory after-effects abutment these findings. Carcinogens are independent aural tars on tobacco. Abounding scientists accede that added analysis is bare in adjustment to apprentice about the affidavit why humans smoke.

Cancer epidemiology is the abstraction of blight occurrences in altered groups of people. One archetype of this abstraction is the analysis on lung blight in smokers and nonsmokers alike.

Cancer generally does not consistently could could could could could cause affliction or appearance itself during the aboriginal stages. Aboriginal cancers are about consistently detected by doctors during approved (and/or irregular) concrete examinations.

Hidden blight is generally appear through a simple analysis could save hundreds of bags of lives every individual year. However, no such analysis exists – there are accurate tests that ascertain accurate types of cancer(s). One such analysis is alleged “The Papanicolaou Test.” This analysis is acclimated to ascertain blight in the womb, decidedly the cervix. The “PAP Test” is the frequently accepted name for audition cervix cancer. A accomplished medical able can about always, with the use of a microscope, aces out the annihilative beef as adjoin to accustomed cells. Scientist, collectively, accept been utilizing this adjustment of blight apprehension for abounding added forms of cancer.

Researchers say abounding forms of blight cannot be traced to alfresco agents as they are affected to seek the blight causes aural the body. Ancestry is a above breadth of affair as animate bacilli accede the basal architecture through the anesthetized down cellular tissue(s). Mice in laboratories accept been activated and researched apropos this question; admitting something is or was amiss aural the beef of the ancestor – could this be possible, the casual of annihilative beef via bearing to generation?

Closely advised lab mice accept been bred apropos “generation afterwards generation” in an advance to analyze what happens aural and to altered groups.

Cancer(s) and added cellular tissue accept been crude from one beastly to another, abnormally those who appear to be or are abundant like identical twins. The after-effects vary. In some strains, about ninety to one hundred percent of these mice accept developed assertive types of cancer. In added strains blight is about unknown. The analysis after-effects accept apparent accede blight or a accessible addiction adjoin it in the activated lab mice.

Human studies haven’t been able to prove this theory, as they accept not annihilation so defining. Albeit, several types of tumors do assume to run in families. This analysis does not beggarly that added ancestors associates would advance the aforementioned disease.

In acquirements about the accord amid blight and heredity, a abundant accord added analysis is needed.

Exposure to rays, radiation(s), ultraviolet, x-rays, and radio animate elements, i.e., radium are aswell agents of cancer. Humans who accept to plan outdoors and are consistently apparent to ample doses of ultraviolet application can possibly arrangement and/or advance derma blight to frequently apparent areas of the skin, such as the aback of hands, the neck, and a lot of apparently the face.

In 1895, ‘Wilhelm Roentgen’ apparent that x-rays were a a lot of able anatomy of a blight causing agent. Prolonged acknowledgment to x-rays if not anxiously utilized, developed cancer(s) to the derma and bone.

Only the aboriginal accessible amounts of radiation should be acclimated in demography dental or chest x-rays. However, it is not to say that x-rays shouldn’t be administered, because if handled correctly, “The allowances of accurate medical use, far outweigh the accessible risks.”

Unnecessary use of x-rays, by law, is forbidden. New types of accessories today, has been advised to assure both the patient, administrating technicians, and the doctor.

Studies above the apple accept apparent that the blight amount a allotment of humans residing in cities is alone hardly college than those who abide in rural areas.

Motor powered vehicles, ability plants, and factories charge to bake ammunition in adjustment to operate. The afire of these deposit fuels absolved into the air (mainly over cities) – the austere ammunition becomes decay which is a baleful blight causing commodity – Air Pollution!

Some carcinogenics, according to the (cancer) article, may yield up to twenty years or added afore a blight develops.

Another monster which seeks to blot all the activity from us is the “Virus!”

The virus is the aboriginal of germs. Studies accept begin that the baleful invader(s) abound alone aural animate cells.

Some time about 1900, an American Doctor and scientist, apparent that assertive types of blight in activated chickens is acquired by a virus. From that point in time, added researchers, as well, accept begin that abounding added cancer-causing bacilli accept been discovered. Blight from bacilli accept been begin in hamsters, monkeys, mice, as able-bodied as added mammals through abstruse and accurate research.

According to abounding researchers, a virus is fabricated up of a actuality alleged “Nucleic Acid,” captivated in a blanket of protein. The almanac goes on to say that there are Deoxyribonucleic Acerbic (DNA), and Ribonucleic Acerbic (RNA). These beef are the animate things our bodies are fabricated of. The “DNA” beef are the adapt of our individuality – our concrete identification, (if you will); free the anatomy of the corpuscle and for that matter, what substances that accurate corpuscle will manufacture.

When a animate corpuscle is invaded by a virus, the nucleic acerbic of the virus block out of its protein covering and becomes an airy allotment of that cell. If this happens, it is awful accessible for these bacilli to aftermath new bacilli creating hundreds of new bacilli to appear to fruition. Hundreds of these analgesic demons are created and appear from the cell(s) which go out to affect added cells.

It’s been acclaimed that oftentimes, the virus does not adjustment the invaded corpuscle to replicate. Instead, the nucleic acerbic becomes a allotment of the DNA of the animate corpuscle – “Assimilation!”

By accomplishing this, a virus can possibly change a accustomed corpuscle into one that is cancerous. The replicated DNA makes an exact archetype of itself and is anesthetized assimilate added animate cells.

When the corpuscle divides, anniversary of the two new beef receives one of the copies. As I can best accept the explanation, afore a corpuscle divides, its DNA replicates, authoritative an exact archetype of itself. The new beef are absolutely like anniversary added and like the aboriginal cell! This afflicted or bifold corpuscle is cast, “A Mutation!”

Does this all complete too “Science Fiction?” Does a few cine titles appear to mind? How about “The Thing From Addition World,” starring James Arness grab you? You’d apparently bethink the adaptation of the “Thing” starring ‘Kurt Russell. How about “Alien” starring Sigourney Weaver? There are abounding added affective pictures plays depicting conflicting assimilations on the big awning as able-bodied the “Boob-Tube!” Bethink “The Invaders” with Roy Thinnes? I generally wondered were abounding of the ‘Sci-Fi’ authors got their material. But this Man-killer of which we speak, is activity activity continuing and connected danger(s).

A lot added analysis is abundantly bare afore flesh can win the war adjoin cancer. Vaccines accept been in development by scientists for the sole purpose of antibacterial these cancer-causing viruses. New cures are getting approved by abounding scientists about the world.

Many scientists absolutely accept that blight beef could be mutants. This acceptance is accurate by the action(s) of some carcinogens, i.e., chemicals and x-rays. They all are in acceding that these agents (from Hell) could could could could could cause blight while aswell creating mutations that are not cancerous…

How abounding would catechism the argumentation to that statement?

However, they (collectively, according to medical reviews and reports) do accede that bags aloft bags of chemicals are getting activated for their aftereffect in affiliation to substances that are accepted cancer-killers. Although abounding added chemicals accept been activated for the substances begin aural animate beef – while others accept been called at random. The drugs currently acclimated today adjoin blight accept been begin in this manner. The amount of this analysis goes above affordability.

The accurate ambition in this action adjoin blight is to apperceive aggregate accessible about accustomed beef is the key to compassionate and authoritative the aberrant beef that are cancerous.

Radiation, X-Rays, and Radioactive Isotopes accept been acclimated to annihilate blight cells. Medical Professionals, Engineers, and abounding added advisers accept advised accessories to define the targeted blight cell(s), while aspersing the accident to the accustomed or advantageous cell(s).

One of the methods, as this columnist understands, acclimated for alleviative blight is surgery. The ambition of the surgeon(s) is to absolutely abolish the annihilative tissue. The down ancillary to this best is that anaplasty is not consistently possible, nor is it the answer. Therefore, addition analysis accept to be found.

You may recall, previously, the advertence of my admirable adolescent niece who was attacked by this abandoned menace.

Her name – “Allyse Virginia Coulter-Cruz!” This admirable angel was diagnosed with “OsteoSarcoma” (Bone Cancer), at the innocent age of ten (10). I can bethink if she complained of her legs getting in affliction while we vacationed in the “Pocono Mountains.” Our ancestors had no acumen to anticipate it was annihilation added than child-hood fatigue… We did a lot of walking in the mountains in those days. I agitated her about on my aback a lot of of the actual time during that accurate trek. Already the affliction passed, she absolved about on her own, arena and active about with her cousins.

The ache wasn’t apparent until afterwards we’d been aback in the city; column vacation, a anniversary or so, not abundant best than that. Allyse was out walking with her mother, in their adjacency of ‘Tacony,’ if she tripped on a sidewalk. Her leg of advance was broken. Witnesses were abashed to see the odd way in which it was twisted.

Allyse underwent several surgeries, remissions, and relapsed alert during her above and adventuresome battle.

Allyse was built-in to “Charmaine Ruth Coulter,” my admired Sister-In-Law, on July 1st, 1988. Just above-mentioned to this child’s fourteenth birthday, she absent the fight. She larboard us to acknowledgment “Home” on June 30th, 2002.

“Our Admired Angel Was Built-in Unto This Earth, Has Returned To Heaven!”

On a claimed note, I’ve absitively to allotment this story/information in hopes that the declared acquaintance may accommodate some acumen and aid in ones analysis as well; accouterment some accessible accomplishments into the baleful angry abolition of this alarming ache and the furnishings it has on the living…

There was addition claimed acquaintance pertaining to cancer’s abhorrent and baleful attack. I knew a man, a friend, who apprenticed throat blight and anesthetized abroad way too soon. The analgesic addled from out of boilerplate – a absolutely abrupt attack. It was artlessly abhorrent to attestant his suffering. Charles (Charley) Palmer of “East Falls” in ‘Philly,’ PA suffered alone a abbreviate while afore accedence to his illness.

In this (Charles’) case, it was absolutely the blight that absolutely dead him. In the case of my niece, it was the viral infection that acquired her abortive demise.

Another acquaintance of abundance who apprenticed this abhorrent ache is a guy who lived above the artery from me. His name is Edgar (Buddy) Johnson. He apprenticed lung blight and managed to survive afterwards surgery. He is still animate and blame to this day. His accepted age is eighty-two. And still addition of my accompany who accept suffered this killing apparatus was Ronald (Kenyatta) Reed. He anesthetized abroad at the age of sixty-seven. The anaplasty that would accept apparently adored him was a “Bone Bottom Transplant.”

Remember, in its aboriginal stage(s), blight may not could could could could could cause affliction or appearance itself… it’s the testing and concrete examination(s) that ultimately ascertain the threat.

Chemotherapy, or the appliance of drugs to action this ache is a accepted adjustment administered by blight specialists. The analysis incorporates a aggregate of chemotherapy and radiation, according to medical journals, reviews, and professionals.

The biologic administering is advised to accomplish the blight beef added affected to radiation. The medical letters go on to accompaniment this analysis will prolong a person’s activity while abating pain. It’s aswell been appear in the medical communities, that “patient’s with altered kinds of cancer(s) accept been convalescent by the use of drugs acclimated in this fashion.” Scientists accept said they are hopeful that abounding cancers will be convalescent by “Chemo” in the future.

We shall See… as we abide hopeful.

“Cancer, So United It Cannot Cripple Love, Shatter Hope, Corrode Faith, Destroy Peace, Annihilate Friendship, Suppress Memories, Silence Courage, Access The Soul, or Steal Eternal Activity – It Cannot Conquer The Spirit!”

~ In Constant, Never-Ending, and Loving Memory of Our Own Sweet Allyse ~

Til Next Time…



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Choosing 1001 films from bags of films is itself a analysis plan and this was done by the columnist in a absurd way.

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The films account is accustomed alphabetically at the alpha of the book.

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The admiral basis gives you data about 596 acclaimed administrator including Cecil B. Demille, Alfred Hitchcock, Steven Spielberg etc.

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